Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Very First Competition - win a Master of the Planes ARC - simples

  • More complete than "A Song of Fire and Ice"
  • Longer than "Lord of the Rings"
  • Fewer authors than the "Wheel of Time"
  • More accurately numbered than the five book "Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy" trilogy
  • More female leading characters than "The Long the Short and the Tall"

Now is your chance to read the final part of my very first trilogy

a) before anyone else does and
b) in hard copy!

I'm getting 5 rather simple Advance Reader Copies made up (A4 printed comb bound) and I will send them to the five winners of my first competition.  So what are you waiting for?

Oh yes, the rules.

Well it's really quite simple. The winners will be drawn by random lot from all those who have
a) read both "Lady of the Helm" and "Wrath of the Medusa"
b) posted a review or blog post about either/both of them
c) claimed ownership of their review(s)

To claim a review as your own, paste a relevant link either

  • as a comment (below) or 
  • by tweet to @tomunro or 
  • by a facebook message to T.o.Munro or 
  • by email to

Each review and location gets one "ticket" in the draw,
so posting the same review on goodreads and amazon for example gets two tickets

There are bonus tickets up for grabs for

  • A blog post review gets two tickets
  • the first review on a particular amazon site gets two tickets (I'm looking here at and and and

So somebody who has read and reviewed both books on both and goodreads and then put up a blog post of one of them would get 6 tickets.

I expect to run this for about a week but I will post again to give you a couple of days before the exact deadline.


  1. A contest do you say for the third installment of the wonderful tale of the Bloodline Trilogy? Need you ask? Count me in...
    Goodread reviews (2)

    Amazon reviews (2)

    Hope they show up proper. It didn't say, or I missed it bloody eyes. Will you be shipping outside the U.K.?

    1. I make that 5 tickets in total, since your review of Wrath of the Medusa was the first on that site so you get a bonus.

      I do expect to have to ship some of them outside the UK - so the best of luck!